Chemical Cleaning

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Safe & Compliant Chemical Cleaning of Your Critical Assets

KM Industrial Services offers a broad range of chemical cleaning and treatment services to our industrial clients throughout the nation. We utilize innovative equipment, technology, and methods, coupled with fully trained management teams. We provide state-of-the-art chemical cleaning, customized chemistry formulations and superior technical support. Our safe, detailed planning along with our high-quality cleaning methods will meet or exceed our client’s requirements creating an on-time completion of all critical path tasks. KM Industrial Services can customize chemistries to fluidize our customers worst foulants creating faster turnover for repairs.


  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical Facilities
  • Gas Processing Facilities
  • Gas Pumping Stations


  • Chemical Circulation Decontamination
  • Vapor Phase Unit Decontamination
  • Drum Boil Outs
  • Acid Washing and Passivation for removal of scale contaminants from boilers and cooling water systems
  • Online Cleaning in Operating Units to remove foulants
  • Pre-operational Cleanings
  • Exterior Fin Tube Cleaning
  • Ability to create specialized chemistries designed for our customers’ needs to completely solubilize foulants
  • Unit Decontamination Planning and Management
  • Waste Transport